Pool Rules and FAQs

Rules of Admission:

  1. Each person must pay admission or present a valid swim pass even if you are not swimming. It is an entry fee and not a swimming fee. 
  2. Any person with open sores, body rashes, bandages or known contagious diseases will not be admitted
  3. Pets are not allowed
  4. Person under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted
  5. Children must be 12 years or older to come to the pool without a parent or guardian.  
  6. Young children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper
  7. Swimmers must wear proper swim attire. No street clothes allowed and no gym shorts. 

General Pool Rules:

  1. No running, dunking, pushing or horseplay
  2. No glass or metal objects in the facility. No Alcohol 
  3. No outside food or drink allowed
  4. No playing on ladders, stairs or diving blocks
  5. No climbing on rails
  6. No hanging on lane ropes or playing in lap lanes
  7. Only noodles and U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices in the water. Absolutely no inflatables
  8. Diving only allowed in deep end
  9. You must jump straight forward off the diving board
  10. Lap swim equipment is for use by lap swimmers only
  11. No violence
  12. Dry off before exiting pool area
  13. Patrons are not allowed in any storage areas
  14. Any destruction of pool property is the responsibility of the patron
  15. No profanity
  16. No public displays of affection
  17. Lifeguards have absolute authority

Diving Board Rules:

  1. Jumpers must be able to swim the length of the pool without assistance
  2. The deep end is for diving only, no leisurely swimming permitted
  3. No jumping backwards off the board, including back flips
  4. One bounce only
  5. No goggles on diving board
  6. One person on board at a time
  7. Jump straight forward from the board
  8. No swimming underneath the diving board
  9. Wait until the previous jumper has reached the ladder before you jump
  10. The fulcrum may not be moved by the patrons
  11. Lifeguards will stop any activity they perceive as dangerous

Water Slide Rules:

  1. Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position, feet first
  2. All riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride
  3. Maximum weight on slides is 300 pounds
  4. Riders must lie on back with arms inside the slide
  5. You may not propel yourself forward on the slide
  6. No objects are allowed on the slide including, but not limited to, goggles, life jackets, sunglasses
  7. All riders must ride feet first on their backs with arms crossed over their chest
  8. No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping on the slides.
  9. Only one rider at a time
  10. To tubes or mats are permitted
  11. Riders must not suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or be using prescription medication unless they have consulted a doctor about riding the water slides. Those who are pregnant, or have heart or back problems should not ride the slide at all.
  12. Riders must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  13. No diving from slides
  14. Riders must leave the splash down area as soon as the ride is over
  15. Non-swimmers are not permitted to ride the slide
  16. Riders assume all risk due to misuse or failure to follow the slide rules

Lap Swim Rules:

  1. Lanes are available to those 13 and older
  2. Ages 13 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older
  3. Lap swim equipment must be returned to the correct location after use


The Blue centennial pool plex staff have the authority to ban any persons who fail to comply with the rules and regulations. These are for the safety of you as well as the other patrons. 

Any questions or concerns about the rules may be addressed by contacting us.